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Terms and conditions


  • The organisation of the programmes presented are under the responsibility of Quality Tours Travel and Tourism, with its head office in Largo Martins Sarmento, n 89, r/c esquerdo, 4800-432 Guimares, Portugal, with a paid up capital of 100 200,00 and License n 1233/2004.


  • Reservations for all programmes of this brochure will only be considered when done by e-mail or by fax.
  • To make a reservation the client must assure the booking with a deposit of 25% of the total amount, with the remaining 75% settled 21 days before the service takes place.
  • If the reservation is made in the 21 days before the service, the full payment must be made when the booking takes place.
  • Quality Tours keeps the right of cancelling all reservations in case clients do not fulfil the above mentioned payment conditions.
  • The services included in each itinerary are only the ones mentioned in each description (excluding those not indicated). The meals included in the programmes have fixed menus. If the client wishes to make some changes, they will depend on the service supplier and must be paid on the spot.
  • For each reservation a non refundable fee will be charged.


  • All passengers must have valid personal documents (Passport, ID card, Military documents, Minors travelling authorization, Visas, Vaccination certificate if required, etc). The citizens from European Community Members do not need entry visas for Portugal. Clients holding passports who do not belong to European Community are strongly advised to confirm with Portugal Consulates or Embassies which travelling documents are required.
  • Quality Tours refuses all responsibilities concerning non accepted visas as well as any problems with clients entering Portugal. Therefore all cancellation fees will be applied and the client will take responsibility for the payment of any taxes or fines.


  • Luggage as well as other personal belongings transported during any of the programmes are not covered by the travelling agreement. Clients must keep with them all luggage as well as other personal belongings at any point of trip or in any means of transportation. The existence of luggage insurance is advised as well as the presence of the client when carrying luggage in and out all means of transportation.

Departure and Arrival Schedules

  • All arrival and departure schedules have been settled according to the transportation companies by the time of printing of the present catalogue, being therefore subject to changes. In all the trips totally or partially made by coach the mentioned schedule is an estimated time.
    In all means of transportation the delays caused by technical reasons, will not be our responsibility.

Cancellation of the services

  • If the client cancels the reservation made, the client will be forced to refund the organizing company according with the following conditions:
    • if the cancellation takes place 5 days or more before the beginning of the service, the client will have to pay all costs caused by cancellation, added of 15% of the amount of the programme.
    • if the cancellation takes 5 days or less before the beginning of the service, the client will have to pay all costs caused by cancellation.
    • the cancellation of services for groups with more than 15 persons will force the payment of 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of the agreed price when the cancellation is made respectively 20, 10, 5 or less days before the beginning of the programme.

Impossibility of Accomplishment

  • Quality Tours keeps the right to cancel any programme if:
    • the number of participants is not sufficient for it to operate;
    • unforeseen reasons dont allow the normal running of the programme.
  • Under these conditions, the client has the right to cancel the reservation and will receive the total refund of the amount already paid or accept in writing a change of contract as well as a change of price.
  • The client may also have the right to choose an equivalent programme; if the price of the alternative programme is lower than the one cancelled, the client will be entitled to the refund of the difference.


  • When a client has already confirmed the service but wishes to change the reservation (for another programme or to a different date), the client will have to pay a change fee. However, if the change takes place within the 21 days or less before the departure date, or if the service suppliers do not accept the change, the client will have to accept the conditions mentioned in the "Cancellation" item.
  • Quality Tours has the right to change, whenever necessary, itineraries, departure timings or to replace any hotel mentioned in the programme by a similar one. In this case, the client will not be entitled to any form of compensation or refund. If any unforeseen circumstances force Quality Tours to cancel the programmes, the client will be entitled to the refund of the amount already paid.

Price Changes

  • The prices mentioned were based on the costs and charges in force by the time these "General Conditions" were written. They are, therefore, subject to any changes resulting from transportation costs, petrol, legal rights, taxes and exchange rates.
  • The price changes will be informed to the client as soon as possible, and he will be entitled to cancel the reservation made in the meantime.

Forfeit of Inscription

  • The client is entitled to forfeit the inscription to any other person who fulfils the conditions for the tour, as long as the travel agency is informed within 3 days before the departure date and as long as the suppliers accept the substitution.
  • The cancelling part and the beneficiary are both responsible for the payment of the service and for any additional costs that may occur.


  • After beginning a tour, no reimbursement will be paid for services the client has not used. The non accomplishment for services foreseen on the programme for reasons non imputable to the organising agency and in case its substitution for similar ones isnt possible, entitles the client the right to be reimbursed the difference between the given services and foreseen ones.

Conditions for Children

  • Unless there are conditions specified in each programme, the children under age of 2 will not pay as long as they do not occupy a seat on the means of transportation and their parents or accompanying persons pay for all the extra services (hotels, restaurants, etc) on the spot.
  • Children between the ages of 2 and 12 will benefit from a 50% discount of the total cost of the tour as long as they share the room with the parents or accompanying persons.
  • Some tours may have other conditions different from the mentioned above. The clients are advised to always ask for information regarding conditions for children.


  • Complaints will only be considered in written letter addressed to the agency where the reservation and payment were made in no more than 20 days after the service has ended. These complaints, in agreement with the European community Council Directives, shall only be considered if they have been participated to the suppliers of the services (hotels, guides, local agents, etc) during the programme. The necessary documentation from these entities will be necessary to prove these complaints.
  • In accordance with the Law No. 144/2015 of 8th September, we report that the Customer may use the following Alternative Resolution Entities in case of consumer disputes: the Provider of Travel Agencies and Tourism (if the agency and / or operator are members), the Arbitration Commission of Tourism of Portugal in or any of the entities duly indicated in the RAL list provided by the General Direction of Consumer (this list should be consulted)


  • The responsibility of the agency that organises these tours is guaranteed by an insurance of civil responsibility and by a caution, under the terms of the current legislation.


  • The prices include the VAT applicable at the time of printing.
  • The present general conditions may be changed by other specifications as long as agreed upon by both parties.
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