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Douro “à la carte”

Price: 30,00€

River Cruise with lunch/dinner on board

There is no better setting than the cities of Porto and Gaia as
background for an important celebration in your life. Whether
an important personal celebration or a coaching session for a
company. We have perfected throughout the years the event
organization respecting our clients wishes. From a simple tea
party to the most elaborate lunch or dinner party, for families or
big companies we rely on our fully committed and dedicated
team on board of our boats and ships for creating unforgettable
and unbeatable memories. Having as a base program the 3
hour cruise and a fantastic menu the “Douro A La Carte” is the
perfect program to make real your ideas…

Price since: 35,00€

Daily Program
Time: 3H
Minimum number of participants: 30 people

* The prices are just illustrative. The final price will always be confirmed by Quality Tours.

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