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Santiago de Compostela Tour Full Day

Price: 90,00€

Be a pilgrim for one day and come meet one of the most famous pilgrimage centers of the Christian World – Santiago de Compostela (St. James). In the route of the secular “camiños” (paths) of Santiago, which Portugal is a part of, you’ll get to know all the Iberian culture, to which the “camiños” were crucial, namely the foundations of the Iberian countries – Portugal and Spain. In the UNESCO World Heritage Historical Centre of Santiago, you will adventure within the medieval streets, ending on the Cathedral of the 11 th Century, located in the magnificent Obradoiro Square, center of the pilgrimage which has changed the entire region’s History. On the way back, you will visit the city of Tui, with its imposing medieval centre. This city was, throughout centuries, a pillar of the Spanish border, coexisting face-to- face with the Portuguese fortress-city of Valença do Minho. Besides the magnificent gothic Cathedral, we’ll understand all the relation between the 2 countries throughout the ages. Come and live Quality Tours’ experience within the “camiños” of Santiago!


Program/ Highlights:

Historical Center: (Free time/lunch not included)

-          - Cathedral

-         -  Mass of the Pilgrim

Visitto the historical Center of  Tui


-          Pick-up and Drohp-off at the Hotel

-          Departing time: 08h30; Arrival time: 18h00 (approx.)

* The prices are just illustrative. The final price will always be confirmed by Quality Tours.

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