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From Marques da Silva to Fernando Távora - A Tour through the Architecture of Guimarães

1 Day Tour

Price: 35,00€

A city founded in the medieval period, Guimarães experienced, at the beginning of the 20th century, a remarkable economic and cultural development which had a fundamental impact on its urban evolution, supported by the construction of new buildings, public spaces and infrastructure networks.

In this context, José Marques da Silva played a unique and indispensable role in producing, during more than 40 years of his professional activity, a large number of achievements of great quality and importance. Whether in the public and social, religious or residential sphere, the works of this architect reveal, in the first instance, the academic beaux-arts canons and, subsequently, came to establish roots for the modernist transition.

Likewise Fernando Távora, a few decades later, would develop an expressive and relevant involvement in the architectural and urban landscape of Guimarães. This architect, affectionately linked to the city, carried out activities mostly of conservation and revitalisation of the heritage, where through a reinterpretation of history he promoted dialogues and expressed continuities.

The Marques da Silva Foundation, an organisation which holds the documentary collections of these two architects, proposes a trip to the city of Guimarães in order to raise awareness of the process of transformation and construction of this urban heritage which, while embracing modernism, knows well how to preserve memories of the past.

Target audience: groups (min. 10 and max. 25 people)

Tour formats:

1. starting from Porto, leaving S. Bento station at 10:00 and arrival at 18:30 2. taking place exclusively in Guimarães with meeting point at Largo do Toural at 10:00 and lasting approximately 5 hours

Price (per person): €35 (the tour includes travels by train, travel by cable-car in Penha and lunch)

Languages: guided tours in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish

* The prices are just illustrative. The final price will always be confirmed by Quality Tours.

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